Having a little fun

Update: On Tuesday a few members of our team went out to the site and measured and marked where the columns outside of the slab are located. These locations are important because we will have some people come out and auger the holes for these columns today.

Now on to a little fun. I would like to rewind back to Monday as I was a part of the first welding team to get some practice in the shop. Personally, at first I was TERRIFIED to weld, but after giving it a couple tries, turns out I am not too shabby!

(Terrified me welding)

(Roberto Grinding a plate)

After practicing welding multiple lines and grinding a few plates, we decided to get a little inventive. To practice welding two pieces together (something we will be doing for our project in the near future) we began to weld pieces together in hopes of having a small project we could show to the rest of the group. It started off as just a simple Z form so that everyone could get some practice in welding seams, but it ended up forming into a pencil holder that could fit along the edges of our studio desks upstairs. After showing our mini creation to the few people in studio, we planted it in David’s office and piled it with pencils, clips, and other things we could find lying around to show off its versatility. Even though it doesn’t quite function perfectly or is not seen as too aesthetically pleasing, our 45 minute creation received lots of laughs which ultimately made welding practice fun in the end.

I hope Dave enjoys his new pencil holder!

(Cam practicing welding)

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