Just a Studio Full of Models

On Wednesday, March 1st, we have one of the most important meetings with REDUX to date.  We have now begun to finalize our designs to a point that we might actually get to start on the construction documents and obtaining the materials needed for the build.  The reason why this meeting is so important is that we need to work as a group to clearly present our ideas to Stacy Huggins and the rest of the REDUX team.  This could be the moment that we get the go-ahead to make these our final designs.


To do so, we decided that this presentation should revolve around the use of models as opposed to the slide presentations that we had previously been using.  We have started working on a 3/8″ = 1′ scale model of the entire main gallery that we can put the major components in such as the movable walls, reception desk, and stage.  We are also making larger scale models to show each component separately, but the scales of these depend on what work best for each person.  For example, as well as making 3/8 scale models of the stage to go into the main model, I also made 1.5″ = 1′ scale models of the stage components so that they can see how they can interlock and be repositioned.  We need to get some numbers together for pricing and finish up a few things, but so far we are track for a very successful client meeting this coming Wednesday.

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