Today we will meet with Enough Pie and Architect Kevan Hoertdoerfer to show them the mock ups and construction documents we’ve been working hard on for the past week. We’ll be able to show them at a smaller scale how things connect and how they will open & close. This is a great opportunity for us to get some good feedback and criticism on what the way we detailed things and if they think they’ll work and what changes deed to be made. Along with constructing small scale detail mock ups, we have been vigorously creating construction documents that contain all the information we will need to start building the Vat Shack. Today we will be showing Kevan and Enough Pie our construction documents so they can redline them for us to tweak and make them as finely tuned as they can be. This is an exciting day because once we finalize all the changes that are made to we can begin gathering materials so we can really get into the fun phase of building. Building starts as soon as we get back from spring break so I’m sure the anticipation of starting construction will set in as we near build day.

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