Smoke em’ if you got em’

Up until now studio V has been keeping pretty quiet on the actual design of the community garden pavilion on this blog. I think we all wanted to place the emphasis on process and then to have the last couple blog post dedicated to the “unveiling” of sorts.

The last couple weeks, particularly the last couple days, have been filled with a roller coaster of ups and downs. The structure went up with little problems but all and all relatively smooth. Today, with the roof mostly complete, we were looking to pour the trellis walls and button the final few details. The trellis walls have presented a lot of challenges in themselves lately and we hoped to rectify those issues this morning. I had originally hoped to be able to tell you that we conquered but that is not the situation. Our form-work refused to stay together and the concrete was too much for it. The breaking point came around 4PM when the form-work for the western side trellis gave way. In our panicked effort to scramble it only became more clear that it was not to be. That being said progress is plentiful. The only components left are hanging the doors, installing the sink, and affixing some structural support.

The culprit prior to incident

The culprit prior to incident

So for your viewing pleasure the WA Garden Pavilion.

The WA Pavilion coming together

The WA Pavilion coming together

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