The Wall…in progress

Our group has been challenged with further developing LeRone’s original design concept “The Wall”.  Our team includes LeRone, Linnea, Adam, and of course, myself. Although it may be quite simple, the wall cuts across the entrace into the smaller gallery, where Motoi’s paintings and drawings will be, to help circulate people first to see his works and then back around the wall to see the salt installation has a sort of finale. In order to give people the best experience possible we have been looking at this wall from every angle possible in order to reveal things  in a manner that will allow visitors to appreciate the work of Motoi. By curving and bending “The Wall” we are able to create suspense, hide other visitors viewing works at different locations, and offer different views of the artists work. Currently our group has been creating a number of models of different variations of “The Wall” so that we can test it to make sure we get it just right.

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