It’s All Smiles for Now…

We posed for our first class picture for Studio V for the Spring of 2012 as we kicked off the semester with a visit to the Halsey Institute for Contemporary Arts where we met with Director and Senior Curator Mark Sloan, one of the two clients we will be working with throughout the semester. He first introduced us to the Halsey Gallery to familiarize the class with the space we will be working with.

After touring the Halsey Gallery, Mark told us about the Return to the Sea: Saltworks exhibition that will feature a site specific installation by artist Motoi Yamamoto. Mark showed us a number of the artist works made completely out salt and informed us of the importance of salt in Japanese culture and the role it plays during funeral rituals.

We were then informed that we would be charged with creating a viewing platform to enable visitors to see the entire installation throughout the large gallery. The platform also has to be easy to assemble and disassemble as it will be traveling with the artist throughout the country where he will create a number of site specific installations.

After much discussion with Mr. Sloan, we regrouped back at the CAC.C Studio where we discussed as a class a number of topics relating to this project that require further research. We then divided up those topics to research individually and plan to report back with any information that will better equip us for this project.

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