Scouring for Materials

Professor Pastre brought Becca and me along today to meet with Bob Lisi, executive vice president of Dolphin, a design / build firm. Bob has agreed to allow us to use whatever scraps might be left over at each construction site that would otherwise go to waste.

The first site we visited was a construction site, however, with most of the framing for the building completed, scrap wood was slim pickings. There was a fair amount of siding available for the taking though, so we are looking for a good application for it.

At the second construction site, the construction crew was still in the framing process, freeing up a lot of 2 x 4’s as well as many various other widths and thicknesses. This was definitely the kind of scraps we are looking for.

I think it’s safe to say that this was the only time we’ve been excited to see a dumpster full of anything. Prof. Pastre later recruited five or six students to partake in some good ole’ fashioned dumpster diving tomorrow morning.

At the third site, the construction workers were preparing for the removal of some windows and doors, as well as a garage door. Bob generously offered these to us as well.

Meanwhile, back at studio, I’m sure the rest of the class was anxiously awaiting for Prof. Pastre to return so he could put them to work. When we got back to studio, Becca debriefed the class on what we found, and Pastre suggested that we divide up and each take on a task to move forward in preparation for our next review. Some students began making calls to contacts for material acquisition, while others began yet another design revision. Jim, Joe, and I went to the wood shop to cut out materials for the many models that are sure to come.

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