Entering the Design Development Phase

After meeting with local engineer John Moore last week, the Clemson Design Build studio is hard at work making slight changes to the design of our green roof pavilion. We began by splitting off into different focus groups that worked on components of the project including lateral stability, site, roof structure, foundation, and built-in layouts.

One of the biggest take-aways from the structure conversation last week was that our pavilion needed more lateral support to keep it from falling to the sides. We discussed several strategies to solve this including adding cables, trusses, deeper foundations, and material changes. We modeled some of these components on our physical model and discussed our thoughts from both  structural and aesthetic standpoints.

In addition to lateral support, we also need to resolve the ways in which our roof supports the green roof element versus the rain garden roof. One side is significantly heavier than the other, and our studio is working rigorously to come up with a design solution.

As we begin to push toward the construction document phase of the project, it is important that we think critically about how materials connect and how we might actually build the pavilion in the final construction phase of the semester.

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