The Gang Prefabs a Railing Frame

As the past posts have displayed, up to this point, every part of the project had been built on site. But once we reached the point of building the railings, we saw an opportunity to use the shop to create more precise cuts that would make the railing frames fit together better. What made the frames interesting is that the bottom of the frame has a slight bevel that allows water to run off and not collect at the base. In order to pre-fabricate all the railing frames, we took measurements on-site since each railing set varied by fractions of an inch, which we found out matters more than we thought before when it comes to having gaps in the project. We also cut a good amount of balusters out of scraps of wood that we had in the woodshop in order to save money. In the end, by having a team work on the railing stuff at the shop, we were able to be more efficient as a class since tools on site were limited.

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