Site = Chosen

Using feedback from last Wednesday’s community meeting, we have come to the decision to build on the Mulberry Pond site located next to the bikeway. The site features a couple of opportunities for bridges to be built. The next phase of the project will include coming up with design sketches and choosing which side of the pond to build our bridge that will connect the northern communities with the bikeway.

On Friday we paid the pond a visit for some in-person site analysis led by David Pastre and Landon “Lewis and Clark” Hannah with his trusty walking stick. Those of us that parked to the north of the pond got to experience first hand just how disconnected the two sides of the pond are at the current moment. After some intense parkour across a small concrete dam, we made our way to the southern side where the rest of the class were waiting for us.









We used this time to take photographs around the site and make some measurements to determine what kind of distance would have to be spanned by a bridge on either side of the pond. We also analyzed the vegetation around the site and actually came across a tree that had grown interconnected with another.

At one point we interacted with the local wildlife when a bird of unknown species decided to use the pond for a while, I tried to convince a classmate to join the animal in the water to better understand what we were dealing with but they denied my request. We may never know what the bird was.

We are excited to move on to the design phases of the project and will be brainstorming all week. We look forward to sharing what we design.

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