Not to Get Derailed…

We’re On the Right Track

Collectively I think we’ve made as many railroad related puns as we have design concepts.

As mentioned in the previous post, the 12 of us are separated into groups of 6 focusing on 2 potential sites: Coburg and Farmfield. Both of these sites have the potential to set a strong identity for the trail. In order to set this identity, our crew has turned to the Greenway’s history to set the standard.

Short history lesson: The Greenway and Bikeway used to be part of a railroad system that ran through West Ashley and one of the stations used to be located at my group’s site, Farmfield. With this in mind, our concepts have been aimed at reviving the railroad origins of the trail and bringing it forward into its present character. This narrative has much in common to the narrative of the High Line in New York, which has made it a strong precedent. Much of what we have been developing for our final design review has similar design aspects to the High Line, such as having planted areas framed by train tracks and railroad ties.

Photo of the High Line taken by  John Hill.

Though our final design review is not until the 28th, we have a meeting with the Charleston Water System today. The goal of this meeting is to present our ideas for the site and hear their specifications in order to gain their support to develop on their property. Needless to say this could change our whole train of thought. The meeting is about to start; I guess I lost track of time.

I’ll stop with the puns now.

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