Get Up Stand Up

After a week of several group meetings, the class presented their ideas through a series of stand ups, or rather, a brief update on each person or group’s work to date. Everyone stood up and individually or in groups briefly brought the class up to date on research they had gathered or map work they had designed. This exercise is both a way to keep people accountable for managing their work, and also a way for people to see what others have done. At this stage in the project, it is important that everyone is on the same page with each other and our studio develops cohesive ideas that come from the same standards and template.

We feel ready with information and background on West Ashley and the Greenway. We are buckling down and synthesizing this information into a presentation that shows that not only shows that we have done our research, but that also graphically communicates this information to both our client (the Conservancy and the public) and ourselves.

It is crucial for us to get feedback on our research as soon as possible from our review coming up on Friday. Our presentation will be a way to show data collection but also be a way for us to ask our client(s) to correct and direct us on what their goals are for the project. Our current work is preliminary background research. We are excited to see how our hard work so far helps us maximize efficiency moving forward into the design phases.

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