All for one . . .

As you may have read from previous blogs, we had our small group review this past Wednesday with the client group including folks from The Parks Conservancy, the City Building Inspector as well as Community members. . We received great comments from the client that will be helpful as we move forward. 

As we move forward, some of the areas that we’ll be trying to resolve include the entry to the garden and the type of structure/ gate that can make it grand to give it a welcoming sense. Another area of focus will be look creatively looking at lockers to come up with solutions that provide for storage while maintaining a sense of openness.

Today, we are going to meet as one big group of 12 and we’ll be all working together to consolidate parts of our designs into a final version for the pavilion. We’ll be looking at what worked well from the previous group designs and what we can improve on as well in hopes to end up with a design that serves both the Wagner Terrace community as well at the garden.

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