Following the Ten Commandments

The past couple of weeks have found us working hard since the last client meeting on February 6th.  After talking about priorities with REDUX, we’ve begun to hash out what we should focus on for the time that we have allotted to us, so that we can deliver on all fronts for a REDUX exhibition.  To do this, we sat down with a marker and a white board and designated what needed to be done for the items we had chosen, being the modular walls, reception desk, bar niche, stage, and signage.

While doing this we kept in mind Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles for Good Design, which we now have hanging up on one of the walls in the studio.  According to Rams, good design is:

  1. innovative
  2. aesthetic
  3. durable
  4. concerned with the environment
  5. making a product useful
  6. helping a product be understood
  7. unobtrusive
  8. honest
  9. thorough to the last detail
  10. and… as little design as possible

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