Today is the last class we meet with and get feedback from professor Pastre on our ideas before finalizing them over the weekend in preparation for our review on Monday. The class has been working very hard this past week to come up with some innovative designs that are practical and meet the client’s needs. We will have one or two fully thought out ideas to show professor Pastre and get his help honing our concepts to have them ready to present. Not only will we be presenting our ideas to the professor and our classmates, the clients will also be there to give us feedback on what works and what doesn’t for the vat shack. We are looking forward to see the client’s reactions to our designs and the observations they make that will help us improve our designs as we move further. After the review we move into the next design phase as professor Pastre will split us into groups based on strengths, weaknesses, similarities, differences, etc. We will then take certain concepts from each design and merge them into one during this next design phase. Stay tuned as there will be much to share after our review.

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