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Getting Our House in Order

It’s been a whirlwind past week, and we finally have a chance to cool our heels for a little bit and get re-set for the next phase of studio.  We are going to be moving on to some work with the Solar Decathlon project – examining, designing, and building a mockup of the houses cabinetry systems.  This is particularly critical for this project as it is one of the major themes for its architectural approach.

The interesting thing about the system, is that it functions not only as traditional cabinetry but also as all the internal subdivider of spaces (kitchen to bathroom to bedroom, etc.), as a ceiling in some areas, and as an example of how modularity can lead to more functional space.  The challenge for something so integral to the formation of the house is that there is a high level of finished design work that needs to go into it in order to get the little things right – we need to aim to be Scarpa.

It’s a good opportunity to put into action some of the lessons learned not only from the CropStop project but also our Intro to Craft project as well.  Working with tolerances, finding ways to be flexible and adjust to allow for issues that will crop up.  Time to start box’ing!



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