And on to the next one

Well it seems everyone lived through ‘Jury 2: The Regioning’.  Next up is the big-time – figuring out how to take six disparate ideas and begin to meld them into one successful design for the first of the new CropStops.  It was impressive to see just how much the individual groups varied in their designs despite having identical programmatic concerns (excepting the regionality).  Among six pairs of students we had projects of:


  • Core walls that focused on making green technologies readily experienced / obvious
  • A honeycombed roof of many (many) small parts
  • A barn vernacular with many post-facto pod attachments
  • A quonset-hut shell system
  • A roof structure based on scaffolding
  • A fulcrum group who created a sort of greenhouse-for-people

Obviously that is a broad range.

One thing I have enjoyed about the rush of last weeks design-panic was being able to see how the groups have pulled very different forms from similar sources.  It makes it a lot easier to believe/understand how we will be able to refine the ideas into a real structure.  Here goes nothin…..

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