Global Reach

One of the most remarkable things about Clemson is its ability to create change on a larger scale – being able to tie into state programs, bringing together a litany of academic and professional interests, and its globe-spanning group of abroad programs.  It’s in that same vein that we are looking to the possible expansion of our small piece of the Crop Stop across the United States.  Obviously this presents a challenge: how can you make something that can be flexible enough in its design to accommodate vastly different temperatures and climates, while also making it standard and simple enough for unskilled labor to assemble it.

Agriculture across the United States


As we split up to start looking into multiple research subjects, several of us are looking at how the United States can be logically subdivided to fit our projects to meet more local needs.  While I won’t go into depth with the research, I will say that the it really is remarkable just how much constant diversity our nation has.  Even the patterns in the wind are fascinating.  (and that’s before you even start adding people in the equation!)

So how does one design a product that can situate itself in such a broad array of environments?  Our home in South Carolina alone has an enormous climate range and biodiversity.  As Shakespeare said:

“…Aye, there’s the rub”



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