Measure Twice, Cut Once

As the saying goes, preparation is one of the keys to a successful project. In these beginning weeks, Studio V as a whole is looking to build upon the backbone of last semesters project we lovingly refer to as Crop Stop 1.0. As Crop Stop 2.0 looks ahead to the rest of the state and even the national scale, we cannot forget the basic building blocks already established. A few of those blocks still need attention. One of the largest short comings noted on the previous project was not fully including all the necessary mechanical systems for the components within the kitchen. The main culprit being the ventilation system for the commercial range.

Kitchen ventilation diagram

The above diagram is a version of the ventilation system for a commercial kitchen. Much more complicated than your average cooktop in the suburbs. The out take exhaust is so powerful in a small square footage space that the entire room would become a vacuum making it difficult to open the doors. This is corrected by a make up vent which funnels air in only to be immediately sucked up by the exhaust. This first week of research looks to take these arterial systems and more seamlessly incorporate them into the design. Checking and double checking to make sure that the CropStop 2.0 continues the great steps forward started in the original project. 

This also reenforces the goal that both facilities and hopefully the many more that come from our project are not simply a kitchen and additions. They are commercial and DHEC approved facilities for the benefit of turning entrepreneurs into successful businessmen and women with the appropriate tools. 

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