“What is he building in there?!”

In Tom Wait’s spoken word, he takes the perspective of a man who spends every night watching his neighbor, questioning his life style, questioning his morals. “What is he building in there? What the hell is he building in there?”  As an onlooker, the man’s mind begins to wonder and finally resolves itself to the more unrealistic of situations as our minds tend to do when left to wonder.

picture grabbed lastfm.com
picture grabbed lastfm.com

This is a really interesting nature of the human physique. We tend to over-think, and over complicate normal scenarios when we have no knowledge of the situation. People tend to rebuke ideas that they have no participation in. They begin to question when they see a proposal or when building begins , “what the hell are they building in there?!”

My point to all of this is simply to mention the importance of getting the community involved with the project now that we have ironed out a lot of the design. We don’t want to start building and have a the community around us at night speculating the worst. We have taken into consideration the parks conservation and local farmers but I think now is the time to focus and give the community an idea as to what we are trying to achieve. After all, they are the ones that this project is geared toward. As a side note I would highly encourage readers to listen to Wait’s spoken word and appreciate the strangeness of small town America and the weird places that the human mind tends to go when left to its own devices.


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