The “Honeymoon” Phase

Last night was the annual Halsey membership event.  This year’s theme was “Honey Moon.”  We all attended the function and were surprised as we entered into the museum to find a beautiful arrangement of cardboard honeycomb hives with hundreds of hanging bees displayed along the corridor.  Members took the theme to heart, many dressing in attire that reflected the honey theme.  Our bamboo dome model and presentation boards were at the event, advertising the project and its tie to the Pulse Dome Don ZanFagna art exhibit, which people filtered in and out of throughout the night.

The build phase of project itself is moving very quickly.  We have completed one of the arched trusses for the bridge and are nearing completion on the second.  We will build the bridge in its entirety at the CAC.C woodshop and then transport it to the site when we begin to assemble the pieces.  We have also bent the metal that will combine to form a tension ring inside the fountain, keeping the dome members from bearing on the inner walls of the fountain.  Today we will continue building the bridge and start cutting the lengths of bamboo that will form the dome.  As we begin to build the final product our confidence in the structural aspect of the design is constantly growing as we see the bridge start to take shape.  We are all beginning to get excited about the prospect of having this finished project in the prominent location of Marion Square and making it to the honeymoon phase of the semester.

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