Making A Whole

“A Whole”

Making a project into a “whole” takes a few major ingredients: inspiration, a plan, dirty hands and a willingness to learn. Making a group of individuals into “a whole” takes more…a lot of intangibles that I can not begin to name. In the beginning, we were a group of individuals designing for a phenomenal artist in a amazing setting. As the semester has progressed into its final weeks we are becoming a whole through afore mentioned intangible bonds. One instance I see every class meeting that describes our group well, are the welds that we have been creating, they heat individual pieces, then cool over time to form one metal from many.

Update: Today we finished preparing the workplace and tools. We also organized things to facilitate the construction workflow for the assembly. By this time tomorrow, the beginning stages of assembly will be in motion. The order has been placed for materials and we anticipate delivery tomorrow. The stage will be set for Friday. So it begins. Subscribe to our blog to get emailed reminders of updates so you can be one with the action.

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