Complicated, yet strong…

It has been a long week. Studio V is going full speed towards the Monday’s review: researching, templating and composing. Professor Pastre elegantly introduced the project in his post, I, on the other hand, would like to step back and introduce all the players in the game this semester.

My research topic for this week has been traditional Japanese joinery. The more I dig deeper into it, the more I realize the similarities between it and this studio. Traditional Japanese joinery is usually used in the framing of the traditional Japanese architecture. The joinery, just like studio v, is extremely complicated, requires lots of time and effort but in the end is extremely strong and united. I see each one of us as an integral piece of the joint that holds it together and makes it strong. Each one of us will play a significant role in the design and execution of this project.  With that being said….I think it would help if we knew each other’s names:

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