Unitary is spelled with a V.

Construction strikes a balance between what is drawn on the board and what can actually be realized.  But it does not stop there.  In an effort to achieve a unitary architecture, there are many pieces that help to produce a single, final product.  By stripping down the excess, peeling away layers, and consolidating ideas, a better, more solid result will remain.

With regards to the movie structure, we struggle with the idea of simplifying without losing the integrity of the design.  By focusing, once again, on the unitary nature of the project, it has become apparent that every part, every piece, everything, has a purpose.  Nothing is pointless – the essence of what we are trying to do here in Studio V exalts itself every time a move is made in an arbitrary direction.  Bypassing the desire to add on or specialize a particular piece, we emphatically applaud the hopeful end result of this design/build project – which is to make something with meaning and has a lasting effort on its users – a healthy balance.

Seeing the importance of every chosen piece of wood, we have all experienced the importance of never discounting one, single detail.  Having a limited supply of materials has made us all the more focused on creating something great out of each and every unit.  For me, this process has awakened in me a desire to understand just exactly what needs to happen in order to provide ourselves with the greatest chances at success.
Having a concrete concept in the development of this movie screen project has proved helpful when making important decisions.  Architecture doesn’t need to be forced – I fee like, sometimes, it can come to you.  But you have to come to it prepared and ready to make changes if necessary, and revel in the successes of the day’s findings.

We proceed this week with building all of the members of this structure.  Waiting patiently on hardware, screen details, and one helluva a trailer, the product that we have seen in a model for for days is now seen on the real scale.  There is a certain purity that goes along with every piece, their stripped down qualities revealing only the bare minimum of their function – A part of a whole, a unitary effect that can trickle down not only from construction process but the desire to mainatain firm communication amongst the entire group.

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