Presentation Preparation

Yesterday afternoon we submitted an application and design information regarding our bluesphere installation to the Department of Parks  in advance of Thursday’s Design Review Committee meeting.   We will be showing this information in greater detail on Thursday morning, and are now in the midst of preparations for that presentation.  Since we have not yet arrived at a scheme that can simply be presented, we will use this opportunity to push the design forward.

The construction system and general form of our structure are established, but we are still figuring out many of the details and intricacies of the design.  We will need striking imagery to sell our idea to the Committee, and can certainly produce these renderings with our current digital model, but we want to be sure that the design continues to evolve.  Our scheme offers wonderful versatility and opportunity – both a blessing and a curse.  Even within our current model, we have a surplus of options.  How could height vary within a single wall?  How might openings within a wall or part of a wall create a more dynamic surface and interactive space?  What is the best frequency for the undulating pattern of the stacked boards?  What is the best way to display information within the walls? How might we incorporate color both as an aesthetic element and a means of construction organization?  How often do we need to have a sticker stack for support?  How will this all stand up?

We can push and pull, copy, paste and orbit all day in sketchup, but in order to really see what works and what doesn’t, the digital must become physical.  So now we must begin building a physical version of our design to facilitate a better understanding of the system and ultimately a better design.

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