Minutes Turn Into Hours… Story of Our Lives.

Minutes are turning into hours as the four Studio V groups try to finish and polish their designs before presentations on Wednesday.  Groups are working diligently and are making a final push to have everything in order for tomorrow.

My group has made incredible strides and have thrown together many different ideas on how to take our project to the next level.  After all the initial brainstorming we have come up with what we believe is a final product, at least until we have more minds participating in our project, that is if our design is pushed through to the final phase.  My group has worked most of yesterday and today to really get a head start on all the work, its almost as though we have been in studio since Monday morning minus the two classes in the mix today.  Caitlin and Elissa have been working their tails off to complete plan view drawings and perspective renderings, as well as taking photos from the site.  Mike has been working on creating detail drawings of our kiosk structure as well as creating a pillar of our model out of wood.  I had spent most of my day yesterday completing a Sketchup model of our structure and most of today creating another pillar for our physical wood display model.

Even though all this work has been time consuming and somewhat stressful, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  My group is coming to an end of our work for the presentations and I believe we all feel really great about our product.  I am crossing my fingers that our design is pushed through to the end, but with all the different groups and the different ideas, any group could see their structure to a final, built product.

Its time to get back to the final grind, minutes turning into hours…

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