Author: Sallie Hambright

Sallie Hambright is a registered architect and a LEED accredited professional. She is a Lecturer at the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston, South Carolina. Hambright teaches Studio V, a design/build vertical studio, and a history/theory seminar called Canonical Ideas in Architecture. The seminar uses Peter Eisenman's "Ten Canonical Buildings" as a framework for learning how to understand and see architecture. The work both in her office experiences and in the class she teaches is committed to a close link between theory and practice. Her seminar attempts to uncover and discover ideas in buildings and urban environments using an architect's medium: drawing and modeling. She is interested in drawing/modeling ideas. She attempts to teach essential skills to becoming an architect: teaching through seeing, drawing what is seen, and writing/describing what is drawn. Hambright has also taught at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta where she taught a graduate design studio and a design discourse seminar. She gained experience at Robert A.M. Stern Architects and Eisenman Architects in New York, where she was project architect for several projects including the Sheikh Zayed National Museum and the Pozzuoli Waterfront Masterplan. She is currently starting her own practice in South Carolina. She received her Master of Architecture from the Yale School of Architecture where she received the David M. Schwarz Architects Good Times Award upon graduation. With the award, she travelled to study the work of Andrea Palladio, Adolf Loos, and Le Corbusier. She received her Bachelor of Science in design from Clemson University where she graduated summa cum laude.