Decking Done

Yesterday we completed the decking and began the roof system. As we enter into our last weekend of work we are prepared for a big push to complete the roof framing and railing. We are all hard at work to finish in time for the final showing next week.  

Time to get to work!

With final CD sets being finished and the site completely prepped; our team eagerly awaits construction beginning Monday. The driving of piers will begin on Monday while we begin to pre-fab structural components in the woodshop. Once the piers are driven we will begin the floor framing and really get this construction underway.  Many busy [...]

Sometimes you must tear it down to build it up.

On Friday we had the pleasure of Daniel Harding visit our class to discuss the structural integrity and ideas before we headed into the weekend. Our meeting was very successful and sparked some new and insightful ideas that helped push our plan and details even further. Over the weekend we all began to look deeper [...]

Let the concepts begin!

After our in-person analysis on Friday, our team assigned roles to further our analysis over the weekend. We all collected precedents as well as our analysis assignment in preparation for our group discussion held yesterday. Groups of two were assigned to begin the design process through further precedent studies, conceptual diagrams, and studying of materiality and [...]

The Final Countdown

Critiques received from Leslie and the Charleston Parks Conservancy were contributing and insightful.  They had great things to say about the colorful signage, along with helpful ways to orientate and rearrange them to reach a wide range of people throughout the community.  The placement of signage was an important topic to the Conservancy, which is [...]