Louvers are up and bracing comes down

Over the past week and weekend, we've been working hard both on site and in the shop to finish the pavilion.  The steel louvers of the structure were designed not only for shade and shadow but also to add lateral support.  Now that all of the louvers are in place (after a few on-site adjustments), [...]

Making it Real

Today we meet with structural engineer, John Moore, during studio to help us continue to figure out how we will put the structure together.    We are working to apply all the feedback we received from the past review and our work over the past few days to implement new solutions for the structure, sink, [...]

Review Day!

Today is the day, we present our small group designs to the Parks Conservancy and stakeholders. We’ve been spending a lot of time in studio since we returned from our trip to Savannah over the weekend.  Each group has focused into several aspects that were particularly successful from the last review as well as show [...]

Over the Weekend

So this weekend marked the halfway point for our two weeks to prepare our individual designs for the presentation this Friday for the Charleston Parks Conservancy. We have each been working to develop our site schemes and our structure concepts so that we can give the stakeholders as many options and ideas as possible so [...]