What the Deck!?

Good afternoon and happy Solid Orange Friday friends of Studio V! As we finish sewing up the last details of the ole Crop Stop mock-up, myself and the rest of the skeleton crew steering this operation out here on the front have found ourselves smack in the middle of a great lesson to be gleaned [...]

A Brief Interlude About Cabinetry

While the immediate, semester-long goal of Studio V is to design and produce a fully functioning Crop Stop unit for deployment in Greenville County, our studio's responsibility's also extend to Clemson's Solar Decathlon studio. As we act in concert, using their construction methods to build our Crop Stop, we are in turn designing the fabrication [...]

Sustainability Gone Down the Drain

While the end goal of this iteration of Crop Stop sits squarely within Greenville County, the vision of Studio V spans the area of the continental United States: Studio V spent this week investigating the viability of the Crop Stop concept through six lenses of customization across the various regions of the US. Having been [...]

Planting the Seeds for Reach

"Southern Roots + Global Reach": this, the most recent mantra of the Clemson School of Architecture is born out of recognition of the influence wrought by students, faculty, and alumni of the program that have gone on to affect great change and progress worldwide within our chosen field and beyond, over the past hundred years [...]