See ya later, concrete!

As I sit listening to the Elf soundtrack, I can’t help but think about all of the eggnog I’ll be drinking, all of the gingerbread cookies I’ll be eating, all of the times I’ll be watching A Christmas Story, and all of the work I won’t be doing after our project in Corinne Jones Park [...]

The concrete is (partly) poured!

I am pleased to say that today was a monumental step in the progress we’re making at Corinne Jones Park. With the help of Steve Gross, ten of the wall segments were poured and finished. It was a tedious process working with the concrete truck - filling, shoveling, vibrating, re-filling, shoveling out, vibrating more, shoveling [...]

A timely timeline

Well… Since I didn’t have any classes today, I thought I might go ahead and get a head start on this post… But where to start?! So much has happened in the past week, it’s hard to keep track. I’m sure as a reader outside of the studio, it’s probably pretty hard to keep up [...]

Intentional Mistakes?

I’ve been thinking lately about what our work and our process look like to someone who is not as design-oriented. So, for those of you reading who may not be all that familiar with the architectural (or landscape architectural) design process, I thought I would provide a little insight into how we come about the [...]