Today we took a really big step in the right direction! Everyone in this studio has put in their fair share of time into this project, and everyone is most likely ready for Thanksgiving Break that's just around the corner. But something amazing happened today. We saw what our HARD WORK and CONSISTENCY could bring [...]

Recharged and Refocused

The past couple of days, Clemson University had its' fall break. Many members of our studio returned home to rest up before the big task ahead of us. Taking this time to be around the family and step away from studio work will do us good in the long run. I know I have enjoyed [...]

We’re Back!

This past week, the different groups have been meeting via video calls to discuss their work. Today each group put together a presentation to discuss and share their ideas with the rest of the class. At the end of each group's presentation, the class would quickly discuss what was the main focus of that group's [...]