I’m not sure if it’s the pressure of the looming presentation before the city of Charleston’s Design Review Committee, or the excitement to finally be building after months of designing, but this weekend has been an momentous one. There are many, many pieces to this project, and it is very important that all these parts pay attention to the other. First off, it is very important to have a clear set of plans to rely on. It’s not a fun job dragging lines across the computer screen, and we all appreciate the work of those who have taken on this dubious task.

As dimensions and angles and counts come hot off the press, others are working in tandem on various jigs and tools producing parts for mock-ups. The light bulb went today too, as questions of how to produce the numerous parts arose. Even though bamboo is not a typical material for all of us, we are still applying methods of production we would use with wood and multiple stations were humming when I left the students this evening.


Tomorrow we meet with a very happy structural engineer John Moore (his team just won the World Series minutes ago). John will be overseeing the structural integrity of our design, and hopefully our concepts, drawings, and mock-ups so far will impress him.

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