Solar Decathlon House

Fall 2015

This semester, Clemson Community Build team focused on stitching together innovative building methods, Southern personality, and local products into a family home. Indigo Pine’s innovative building method emphasizes front-end design to make construction faster, safer, and more intuitive by using materials that can be purchased from any supply store. By streamlining and simplifying the construction process, Indigo Pine can be built largely by the homeowners. In addition, Indigo Pine has global application. Because the house exists largely as a set of digital files, the plans can be sent anywhere in the world, constructed using local materials, adapted to the site, and influenced by local culture.

Team: Anthony Wohlers, Clair Dias, Tyler Silvers, Jeff Hammer, Alison Martin, Eric Balogh, Alexandra Latham, Allyson Beck, Jon Pennington, Leslie Neely