GAP Shed

Spring 2013

This Spring’s semester project is a design/build GAP certified farming structure to help a local farmer on John’s Island.  GAP stands for “Good Agricultural Practices,” and they are specific methods, that if done correctly, ultimately will result in good farming. Our client, Sweetgrass Garden, is a farm Co-op whose mission is growing food for the hungry in Charleston.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) is a set of production guidelines designed to reduce the likelihood of microbial or other contamination of fresh fruits and vegetables. It focuses on utilizing safe techniques and inputs on all levels of the farm to fork food chain. When a farmer utilizes GAP principles in their production it means they are proactively taking steps to reduce the possibility of producing unsafe produce.

The team worked closely with Harry Crissy of Clemson University’s Institute for Economic and Community Development to realize the GAP Shed at Sweetgrass Gardens.

Team: Yang (Lance) Bingqing, John Caveney, Ashley Hawkins, Yuxiang Jiang, Nicole Miller, Stacie Russell, Yaqiong (Elppa) Zhou