Crop Stop (Greenville, SC)

Fall 2014

Studio V as a whole is looking to build upon the backbone of last semesters project we lovingly refer to as Crop Stop 1.0. As Crop Stop 2.0 looks ahead to the rest of the state and even the national scale, we cannot forget the basic building blocks already established. 

At its longest dimension the roof spans 68′ and is supported by 12′ columns. All of our efforts were spent trying to achieve straight lines with long members of green wood. The beauty of our framing method is that every piece of wood is serving a purpose, in many cases the members serve multiple functions.  So with each member that is added to the structure the straighter everything gets.

Team: Alex Armstrong, Brian Betz, William Craig, Ashley Davis, Nick Iman, Jared Lee, Alex Libengood, Alyx McCarthey, Trey Meyer, Jianfei Shen, Mary Tran, Adam Windham