Fall 2010

This fall Studio V is working to aid the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art in bringing sustainability education to the residents of Charleston, South Carolina through a collection of visual arts exhibitions, lectures, films and activities on the environment and conservation offered by area organizations.  Bluesphere: Earth Art Expo aims to reach out to middle and high school children, college students and young adults as well as the general public in our area; any person that is served by a participating organization will be affected by this citywide exposition. The studio is devoted to the execution of two projects aiding the cause of bluesphere in Charleston:

The first project is to design and construct a bluesphere information kiosk on Marion Square in downtown Charleston. This installation is to give information and add exposure for the Earth Art Expo. Given that the events begin in October, this first project’s time frame is condensed.

The second project is a temporary stage and movie screen on Cannon Park.

Team: Elissa Bostain, Rebecca Cook, Jim Graham, Xiaokang He, John Lindenmuth, Lauren Martinez, Ryan Massengill, Ben Miskelly, Joe McNiell, Michael Niezer, Caitlin Ranson