Making a list and checking it twi… many times

Here in Studio V, things are moving along but we are working hard to pick up the pace of the build. This past weekend, many hours were spent in the shop: welding, grinding, sawing, drilling etc… We accomplished many things, but the madness has only just begun. Are these doors not lovely? Yes, but they … Continue reading

While Dave is away, the mice will play.

The old adage, “While the cat is away, the mice will play” is pretty appropriate for these last few days.  You see, Dave was out of town.  And with Dave out of town, that means no work for us!  Absolutely nothing to do.  We just start to sort of mill about in circles without any … Continue reading


Or is that backwards…. prepare for the worst, hope for the best? At any rate, we are preparing to have a very productive couple of days this weekend. Due to technical difficulties with the bandsaw, we now have a new-to-us bandsaw to help us finish cutting the steel for the trusses. We will finish cutting … Continue reading

Just Keep Cutting, Cutting, Cutting….

Yesterday we finally got our first delivery of wood!  It was a bit of a chore bringing all of the boards in, but we were all excited to be able to start cutting.  The first thing we did was take an inventory of the shipment and then start nesting our pieces into them so we … Continue reading

“Make Every Detail Perfect and Limit the Number of Details to Perfect”…

While most of our classmates are dedicating time to the fabrication of our design, some of us are behind the scenes, making all of the construction documents that are being used by the fabrication team. It is important to have an accurate set of drawings as we begin construction, but these drawings will also be … Continue reading

Keeping Good Pace

Throughout the weekend, most of our team took turn to work in the metal shop, the rest of us was working upstairs to finish up the construction documents and pricing. We cut steel for the door frame and grinded the steel bar and then welded each bar together. As a member of the metal shop … Continue reading

Production Weekend

On Friday, we talk about the production calendar in the studio. Try to make clear what we need do during the weekend. And we have a big update for the roof material. We will use the cedar roof for our building. That means we need re-work on the roof design. The cedar roof will take … Continue reading

In the Swing of Things

As previously stated, we are now getting to the point where we’re not only working in the shop consistently, but we’re starting to mass-produce things. This would entail all the things such as jigs and an efficient division of labor as people are occupying the shop in an assembly-line manner. When we get back to … Continue reading

Getting Back TO IT

Fall Break was great, we all got to spend some down time after a busy semester, and just have a breather and hang out. See family and be non-architecture students. However Wednesday the 7th was nothing like fall break. We got right back into it. We first sat down and had a discussion regarding the … Continue reading

We’re back!

Its been rather quite on the Studio V blog post for the past few days. No,we didn’t give up on the project and decide to go home (although some people did go home) but what actually happened was Fall Break! We had a lovely few days off from school so some people traveled, others went … Continue reading