A Dream Becomes Reality

Work continued into the weekend as we approach midterms this week. A team of students was able to start laying out the dimensions of the farm stand on the floor, using tape. Makeshift doors were put up using 4’x8’ foam panels. Likewise, materials are being decided upon and our cost analysis is growing. From our … Continue reading

And then 3 become 1….

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, we have split ourselves up into three separate groups in an attempt to finalize our designs into 1 complete proposal.  The group I have been working with has been looking at constructability issues.  The purpose of the design is to be modular in that it can be easily disassembled, … Continue reading

“Well it’s set way back in the middle of a field, Just a funky old shack and I gotta get back… Slat Shack, Baby Slat Shack”

The focus of studio yesterday (Wednesday), was to reflect on comments and decisions made during the review, and discuss plans for how we move forward. The Slat Shack has been chosen as the focus for design, but there still a lot of areas that need to be researched and detailed. In order to work most … Continue reading

Before The Studio V Work Together…

It seems that everyone in the studio has a super packed schedule this week, so most of us took a short break from the studio works to engage themselves in other courses’ assignments today. After Monday’s presentation, we are going to work as a whole team of nine people instead of three small groups. We … Continue reading


Today is our group design review day! Nine individual design developed into three design concept. The three ideas go to the different directions that give us more potential to consider the design. All the topic around the review is about scale, function, shape, detail. One of the design looks more architecture approach but has more … Continue reading

This Looks Familiar…

Here we are again at the next big checkpoint of the semester. As you know, there is an important project review going on today that will ultimately give us a direction, as a whole, regarding where to take this design. It’s still funny to think we haven’t even made our final design yet – today … Continue reading

Now or Never

Today is our last studio class before our second review with the client and architect. I believe it is more crucial then our first meeting because it will decide the final direction of the studio as a whole. Having worked out a majority of the details for our project we will be preparing for this … Continue reading

The Finer things

Taking different approaches to the design, the teams have been working hard to develop there ideas for Monday. Something our team has been working on is the finer details of the design and how everything comes together. These are the individual designs from members of our group that were presented last Wednesday. Each of our … Continue reading

Inside Out…Livin’ La Vida Loca

With the next review moved to Monday, it is important that, as a studio, we continue advancing the concept and ideas we have developed to date and not let time pass ideally.  All three teams have honed in on aspects the initial design ideas shared and how they complemented each other during the individual concept … Continue reading

A Stool has 3 Legs

A stool has 3 legs. A chair has 4 legs. Common facts that appear elementary. But, they are all too important to ever risk forgetting. It is during these times, when things seem most complex, to break down our knowledge into manageable pieces. A team of three is able to support an idea, without the … Continue reading