Weekend Welding

This weekend was the first of what I expect to be many long ones.  We met up at 8 o’clock in the morning to learn how to cut, grind, and weld the metal that we’ll be working with.  This is important for things such as the caster system for the desk and bar and the … Continue reading

What we learned from the 1:1 scale mock ups

Typically in Architecture (mostly in Academia) they way to get you idea across into a physical form is in the form of a model. We made a model and for more intensive purposes we call it a mock because it is at full scale. It is the same idea as a square can be a … Continue reading

Validating Angle Placement and Creating Mock-Ups

Over the past few days we have been validating where the steel angle braces will be placed in the gallery space. We have to keep in mind lighting, plumbing, and duct work as they are suspended from the ceiling as well. We have come to conclusions on the angle bracing size, and  have confirmed positions … Continue reading

Modeling The Space

This past week much of the studio started to make scale models of the reception desk, bar, castor systems, and wall details. By working fluidly between models, drawings, and computer renderings we can more easily figure out dimensions and the way things actually go together. I personally am working on finishing a full scale model of … Continue reading

Floor Track System for Moving Walls

We have dedicated a lot of time to figuring how how we could guide these walls along the floor successfully.  We thought about different materials like plastic, metal and wood.  We had ideas about flanged wheels that could ride in a groove of some sort.  There was also the idea that we could cut a … Continue reading

Some Specification

The next phase of the project has begun. After a week off, Studio V is back and ready to tackle the varying design solutions for the Redux’s new home at 1056 King Street. We are taking this week to finalize some dimensions, create some mockups, and lay out our plan for the coming weeks. Some … Continue reading

Can We Build It? Yes We Can… At Least After These Designs Wrap Up

We are so unbelievably close to start building.  All we need to do is finalize a few of the designs, including the system that allows the wheels to lift up on the reception desk and the bar.  This will allow for diverse positions when it is needed and stability when it is in use.  Some of … Continue reading

The fun is just beginning

We are about 95% finished with the design portion of our studio now it’s time for the BUILD portion. We have about four week before the grand opening gala for REDUX. The first things we have to do this week is finalize the plans and start to Delagate the materials in the each specific portion … Continue reading

Pre-Build Discussion

Our last meeting with the redux crew seemed to yield the results we were looking for. Even before the presentation, the critique group seemed really impressed by the mock up gallery space. I think this was a sign of our investment and a great tool when discussing spacial considerations. This meeting had one of our … Continue reading

Preparing for Review

Today we are working on having prices, materials, and construction details ready for review with Redux and the contractors that are currently working in the space. This past week has been used to figure out the construction details and exactly how the pieces will fit together. Some of the problems we worked out were a track … Continue reading