The Weekend Grind

After we got our hands dirty and helped paint the mural at First Evangelical we headed back to studio to brainstorm and move forward with our design. We met and had a brainstorming session to come up with idea on how to move forward with the design. From that Friday each member chose an idea … Continue reading

Moving Forward

Yesterday, January 31st, the class presented our individual designs to our clients Enough Pie and the First African Evangelical Christian Church and also a representative from Remark, the landscape architects working on the project. At the conclusion of our presentations we went through and collectively pointed out the pros and cons of each individual project. … Continue reading

The helping hand

Today or rather this afternoon we start off our day by helping Enough Pie with assistance by a artist from redux at the site to paint the mural. As my good friend Kevin mentioned in his post this is a great opportunity for us as a studio not just to help our client but to … Continue reading

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

This is the city: Charleston, South Carolina. I work here. I carry a T-Square. It was Thursday, February 2; it was cool in Charleston. We were working the day watch out of the cigar factory, the boss was Professor Pastre. My partners are Austin, Christian, Lucas, Madison, Stan and Troy. My name’s Frenchie. Today we … Continue reading

Individual Design Review

Today we will present each of our individual designs for the Butterfly Book Nook shade structure to Enough Pie, Reverend Dash, and the members from the town council. This review is important because we will go over pros and cons of each design, and compile a list of concepts from each design. Then we will … Continue reading

Initial Designs

Monday was our last day of studio before our big review with EnoughPie, Reverend Dash, and members of the town council.  Everyone is working hard on finalizing their designs before the review on Wednesday.  Its really interesting to see how different each one of our designs is and how the project is starting to take … Continue reading

Models, Precedents and More

As the studio’s individual design deadline approaches, many of us have begun focusing on one design and refining it to fit the Butterfly Book Nook site. Each one of us have chosen different aspects of our precedent studies to move forward into our individual designs. With that in mind, each one of us face the … Continue reading

Being Efficient in the Individual Design Stage

Last week after our research and analysis presentation to our partner Enough Pie, we began our individual design stage. This individual design stage is about figuring out what works best. This project has many limits and constraints, a few obvious ones being time, and financial limits. Other ones such as transportation limits when it comes … Continue reading

So It Begins…

As mentioned by my good friend Kevin aka “Frenchy”. I’ll be coming at you live this morning! We have started the individual design process. This is going to be crazy in the respect that we have just a week and a half to come up with our best ideas. We have looked at precedent studies … Continue reading

Ain’t no Cure for the Wintertime Blues?

Goooooood Morning Charlestooooooon! Today is January 23, but the weather is a balmy 70º and sunny.  While hardly expected in January, today’s weather perfectly expresses the mood of Studio V. Yesterday, we met with our client, Enough Pie, to help build rapport and trust as we move forward with the butterfly reading garden. Both parties … Continue reading