Mockup making this weekend

At this weekend, we started to make our mockup at Magnolia Community Garden. Every process is not easy. Start by purchasing the materials, the tools. We need to make sure the size and quality are what we want. For example, the wood is straight enough, multiple types of the screw to match the different size of wood … Continue reading

Mock-Up: Full Speed Ahead

With construction documents quickly finishing up, it is time to start building the mock-up! We have heard back from Leslie that it will be going in the corner of Magnolia garden. The plan is to begin today, and hopefully get the slab and piers poured over the weekend. There is a lot to get done, … Continue reading

A lot to do and a lot is done

Wednesday the 1st of November was a hectic day at school. We started off by discussing the Construction Documents which are a lot more comprehensive than last week. The redlines done within studio were completed and the set is now sent to John Moore, our structural engineer. He has been an amazing support for this project. … Continue reading

On Drawing – Thoughts, Theory

Paper and organic pumpkins, 2017 Craft Credit: (L) Lynn Wg and (R) Tyler McKenzie Hope y’all had a great Halloween and got to go Trick-or-Treating!  The weather has been colder the last few days, time to pull out the sweaters and jackets for the final arrival of fall in Charleston! The last two weeks I … Continue reading


Over the weekend, Ailed, Yage and I had mock-up one of the five benches on the north side of our pavilion. We did the bottom portion of the bench and the bench composed by the two 2×6 supports, fourteen 2×4 seating slats with 1/2″ spacing. The mock-up was very helpful, we had people sitting on … Continue reading

Pythagoras, my hero

This weekend was a long one. We’re nearly done with our CDs and about ready to start the mockup. On Saturday, Katie, Perry, and I went to the site to take out a portion of the community garden fence and mark out the extents of our concrete slab. Armed with 3 tape measures and a … Continue reading

Letting the design sink in

The studio is continuing to progress and push the Medway Pavilion CD set toward completion and each group of students is working diligently to finish their part of the design. Lillian, Michelle and I have been working on the sink for the past few days and after talking to Dave I believe that the design … Continue reading

Details, details & more details

The beauty of community build is that it gives students a very close experience to the design and construction process. Currently, we are on the phase where the design is modified based on the construction details and cohesiveness of specific connections. Today we realized that based on the function of the storage, it would be … Continue reading

Diving into Revit

This week, we are putting the project into Revit. As you can see in the above image, it is very much a work in progress. Now that the column/pier grid is set, we can keep moving forward on the 3D modeling. So far the process has been fairly simple, as we have just been modeling … Continue reading

27 Iterations Later…

Over the weekend we moved forward with our delegated tasks to finalize the design, but it is a process that cannot be rushed … we are also 12 perfectionists with 12 different opinions… Although we have all been assigned different tasks, we are all cross-pollinating and working through problems together, as is true with a … Continue reading