Delayed, but Eager

Irma really through a curve-ball at us over the past week. With us evacuating the city and preparing for the worst, our individual design presentations have been pushed back a week to Wednesday, September 20th. Many of us fled to Clemson, some to Atlanta, and others to Athens, but we all at least had the … Continue reading

Irma Cancels Class

Hurricane Irma has brought strong winds, heavy rain, and flooding to the Charleston area.  Because of this, the CAC.C has cancelled class today, and most students have evacuated the city.  I am currently in Atlanta where the weather has been a little better.  Despite the storm, our studio is continuing to develop individual concepts for … Continue reading

Winter is here..

The Monday of the evacuation, sitting in Clemson with a nice hot cup of morning tea (57°F!!!… :O ); a more relaxed morning in the Hurricane than expected! Light Showers continue here at Clemson and hopefully, Charleston is now safer since the hurricane moved its path westwards. We are all hoping to be back after … Continue reading

Don’t Forget the Fish

Due to the upcoming Hurricane Irma that is currently between Cuba, Haiti, and the Bahamas, Clemson University has decided to cancel classes at the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston (CAC.C).  Students were warned through a series of meetings to get a full tank of gas, arrange transportation, and find a place of refuge.  There are … Continue reading

Reflection and Carry on

Yesterday we have presented our first analysis research of the Medway Park with the Charleston Parks Conservancy. The presentation was more focus on the site analysis and precedent study of different parks, we also have presented four possible site strategy plans.  It was our first presentation of the semester and it was also my first time presenting … Continue reading

Atypical collaboration

Today is our first presentation before members of the Charleston Parks Conservancy. While we’re only presenting our analysis of the site and potential schematic plans, it still feels like we have a lot to show. I’ve never presented a project with eleven other students before, so I’m not exactly sure what to expect during the … Continue reading

Laboring on Labor Day

The day began with going back to the pin-up board right where we ended on Friday. We huddled around and continued the arduous process of narrowing down the broad bubble-diagrammed schemes that will be presented on Wednesday along with all of our research and analysis of the site and program. Through carful consideration we were … Continue reading

The Path to a Master Plan

On Friday we presented our ideas about the Medway Park project. We had to present both a conservative and a unconventional approach for the master plan. The 12 of us have different inputs regarding the master plan for the park. A quick glance was enough to notice how many similarities were within all those proposals, although … Continue reading

Thinking of a Master Plan

The past few days we have taken the creative liberty to totally rearrange our project site of Medway Park. The twelve of us were each tasked with creating two new layout diagrams. We were told to create two schemes, one “standard” or “tame” one and then a “wild” or “crazy” one. This is one of … Continue reading

Organized Chaos

Today was charrette day. All of us posted up in a conference room in the Cigar Factory where thoughts, concepts, opinions, and ideas were swirling around the room and somehow made their way onto paper. We began by listing all of the possible features that we believe, as a studio, should be included in the … Continue reading