Vision ⇨ Reality (Horticulture Center)


Hello everyone, and welcome back!

With the recent news of returning to online class after Thanksgiving, Studio A+cB is still moving forward at providing its service to the community and the Conservancy. As some of you may already know, we are currently working hard at completing three major projects before the end of the semester, and one of them is the Horticulture Center at Magnolia Park. 

As was mentioned Friday, we received our feedback from the Conservancy, and we are now moving towards updating our initial designs. With all of our unknown questions answered and lots of feedback from last week’s review. We will soon move towards code and structural analysis by the end of the week. With this information, we are trying to give the Conservancy an overall analysis of sizes, program use, and cost for the new construction. 

Currently, Magnolia Park houses the Conservancy’s headquarters, which provides knowledge and services to the local community. With our proposed plans, we hope to span this knowledge by creating a fun and safe environment so everyone can enjoy it.

As always, stay tuned for more updates on the design process…

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