CD’s ✓

What a week it’s been. The Corrine Jones CD set was officially sent to the structural engineer yesterday, Thursday March 14. I thought that day would never come. Round after round of red lines, a back and forth about construction and methods, and quite a few nights of minimal sleep. But the set is drafted and wow, are things coming together now. This week was critical, not only for deadlines, but for our understanding of how our project will become a reality. That is what excites me about Studio V and design-build, actually seeing your work come to life in the end. It gives the opportunity to look at the details to piece the parts together and experience the result.

Today, Friday March 15, we will be receiving the set back to go over in class and clean up. It’ll be our final push before the oh so needed spring break that is this upcoming week. During this time the drawings will go out for permit and a neighborhood association meeting will be held, with our project being discussed.

So, it’s time for us all to recuperate before we begin on site in two weeks! The countdown to March 29 begins now.

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