Preparing for Reviews

Friday are our individual reviews and we have been cranking away here in the studio. We are very excited to share our designs with the Charleston Parks Conservancy and the community! Yesterday in class we did some mock presentations. David gave us no warning and had us present our concepts in 25 seconds or less. [...]

Oh how time flies…

Week IV is halfway over, which can only mean one thing: INDIVIDUAL DESIGN REVIEWS!!!     After our last group presentation, everyone in the group has gathered information from Research & Analysis along with feedback from the Clients. For the past two weeks, our brains have been churning as we push our individual creative solutions and as [...]

The Team

We are all diligently working on our individual design options for this Friday's presentation. But let me ask you, are you tired of seeing images of trace paper with staged pens/pencils? Us too. So I want to take the opportunity this week to tell you a little bit more about us. In the haste of [...]

Over the Weekend

So this weekend marked the halfway point for our two weeks to prepare our individual designs for the presentation this Friday for the Charleston Parks Conservancy. We have each been working to develop our site schemes and our structure concepts so that we can give the stakeholders as many options and ideas as possible so [...]

One week

  We're now one week removed from the research + analysis review, a one week away from individual design reviews with the Charleston Parks Conservancy. On Wednesday, we all met with Pastre for desk crits to review our schemes so far. Amongst our group, we have a healthy distribution of diagrammatic layouts. It's interesting to [...]

The Path Less Taken

SITE OPTION PROPOSAL - PLAN VIEW As we begin our independent designs there are a lot of factors to consider for this project, who will use it? Where will they enter? How do we address existing conditions, paths, shade? That is when the designer whips out a roll of trace, grabs their over-priced markers, and [...]

Onto the Designing!

This past Friday, January, 18th, we had our first chance to present to the Charleston Parks Conservancy with our analysis of the garden site in Corinne Jones Park. So what exactly does it take to design a community garden? A lot of us in Studio V are not from the Charleston area and in order [...]

Research & Analysis Meeting

Today we will provide members of the Charleston Parks Conservancy with an in-depth analysis of the Wagener Terrace Neighborhood and Corrine Jones Park. We are going to cover topics such as project timelines, historical information, location and nearby places of interest, neighborhood demographics, climate data that will affect the site, successful existing gardens, and a [...]


The studio finally had a charrette today where collectively started to look into the possibilities for what this community garden could be. We first share with one another the information that we had been collecting during the past couple of days. We used that information to answer what we thought were the most important questions [...]