Trick or Truss!

Happy Halloween!  This past weekend we worked on several different mock ups. Yesterday you got to read some about the doors, and today I will talk about the trusses.  There has been a lot of back and forth with these trusses.  We have talked about how it should be configured, whether there should be only [...]

Weekend for Mock-up

On Friday class, we spent so much time on leveling the working table on the metal shop during the class so that we could put the plywood pieces on it to work for mock-up. At the same time, we made several blocks and they were fixed on the plywood so that the steel bars could [...]

Sparking & Thinking

This week we have two training about how to welding the steel. The skill is important for us to make the door panel and the truss for our project. Also, we still improve the design. Trying to get the best proportion of the door, post, truss, and roof. Even we have some step back of [...]

No Pain, No Gain!

Today's a pretty cool day, Professor Pastre's friend, Cole,  is coming to teach us more about metal working and welding. Professor Pastre did a general walkthrough of the metal shop Monday where he explained and demostrated the different tools we have available in our shop. We also received the opportunity to practice welding, which was [...]

That is so metal!

As stated in previous posts, we will be working on the construction documents for the Slat Shack. Many details will be hammered out, refined, and built in full scale mock-ups throughout the duration of the week. However, before we start any mock-ups, we have some things to learn about! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, we [...]

Devil is in the Details

Now, I know you may be getting tired of this word, but you're going to keep hearing it a bit more.  Details.  And there's a reason for that.  It is all about details right now.  As the previous posts have illustrated, we are rapidly moving into construction documents and will be starting the build before [...]

The details are not the details

“The details are not the details, they make the design.”                                       – Charles Eames As we continue to develop our project based on the feedback we received from John, the structural engineer, we are each taking the time to charette details on the more complicated joints of the project. These include: the roof sitting on [...]

Hip Beams, Trusses, and Hinges…. Oh My!

Yesterday was a very important milestone for our project.  After our review on Monday, it is now time for us to wrap everything up and start generating construction documents.  Before we can do that however, we had to meet with a structural engineer to double check our design, and to solve some construction method issues [...]