Now or Never

Today is our last studio class before our second review with the client and architect. I believe it is more crucial then our first meeting because it will decide the final direction of the studio as a whole. Having worked out a majority of the details for our project we will be preparing for this [...]

The Finer things

Taking different approaches to the design, the teams have been working hard to develop there ideas for Monday. Something our team has been working on is the finer details of the design and how everything comes together. These are the individual designs from members of our group that were presented last Wednesday. Each of our [...]

A Stool has 3 Legs

A stool has 3 legs. A chair has 4 legs. Common facts that appear elementary. But, they are all too important to ever risk forgetting. It is during these times, when things seem most complex, to break down our knowledge into manageable pieces. A team of three is able to support an idea, without the [...]

And Then There Were 3….

As you guys may already know, last Wednesday we had our second meeting with the Beach Company.  We each presented our individual design approaches and got a lot of insightful feedback from that.  From there, we have been broken down into three groups of three.  Each of the groups are looking at a different design [...]

Picking Teams

    Following our review, the next step will be to split up into three groups of three and continue to develop design ideas for the client. Professor Pastre needed a night to think hard about the group organization, because there are two main ways that groups could be formed moving forward, and the grouping [...]


Hi everyone! We came back to school after the Hurricane, and we kept working during the evacuation week.  Today(Wednesday 9/19/2018) we will have our individual design review. Everybody has worked so hard in the studio. Here are some design ideas I want to share with you guys. The curve is moving on the site. The design idea [...]

The Swivel Hut

The last time I shared ideas I was driving home the points of mobility and versatility, and I want to share some ways that I've thought about an adaptable design. The overall concept of my design is to have a covered walk-through area that can close up like a closet at the end of the [...]

Peace at Last

BLUE SKIES!!!! Finally the storm has passed. It's Monday Sept. 17, just days after one of the worst storms in decades to reach the Carolina Coast. My family and I never left Charleston, after realizing we were not going to feel the full effects of Hurrincane Florence but my prayers go out to those that [...]