Potatoes Taste Like Pancakes

  Ladies and Gentleman, here we are! Our first review.  Today we will be sitting down with our clients and team members to discuss the research that the students have done so far.  While we have not yet moved into conceptual design, today's discussion will be vital to understanding the interests of our client and [...]

Setting our sites

Research week is moving fast and going well in Studio V. I find that, as a class, we are increasingly interested in the human scale and touch. This may seem obvious and many may think scale comes naturally in the design process, but it is something that designers always strive for; how people interact with [...]

The Search Continues…

This past Monday we hit the ground running doing some background research and precedent studies, trying to better understand the project itself, the culture of the area, and our limitations and opportunities.  As part of this research, a group of us decided to take a trip down 17 N in northern Mount Pleasant to study [...]

STUDIO V – Fall 2018

Welcome to the CAC.C Studio V blog. This blog will be updated daily by the students and professor of Studio V as a way to document our design/build process, and keep all those who may be interested in our progress of the semester’s project informed. Small buildings have always had a particular appeal. Micro works [...]