Don’t Forget the Fish: Part II

Alternative title : Shrimp, grit, and determination . Trying to look at the big picture, last semester's Clemson Architecture+communityBUILD (A+cB) program taught me the biggest lesson of the critical path - thinking about the work in the sequence required and working on parts that you will need first to allow other people to continue moving [...]

THE construction weekend

This weekend was definitely one of the most challenging that I ever had before a final review. Construction speed increased drastically to meet our set goal for Monday. Some neighbors told us how amazed they were about how this structure had appeared so quickly. On Friday we divided to go on site and set up [...]

Paint, Paint, Paint…

  On Tuesday, we had placed all the 4x4 columns¬†in the piers and most of the 2x6 next to the columns. During the installation process, we had to use two ladders per each column, cause all the woods that we are using were not straight, and some of them were bowed,¬† some were kinked. In [...]

Hardwork is paying off!

With the ongoing painting machine, we were also simultaneously working all the pieces for the roof and columns. We have made incredible progress from trying to understand how to draw and measure the roof pieces to have them finally ready and figured out. The storage unit is also all cut and primed for the color [...]