Mocking Up, etc.

The past few days have been focused and intense. We have been working hard to finish the mock-up as well as sort out all final details. A lot of the mindset now is turned towards what it will be like one, two, and three weeks from today when we are measuring, cutting, painting, and assembling … Continue reading

Keep on keepin’ on

Building the mock up has been so critical in understanding how we’re actually going to build the pavilion. We have figured out what works, what doesn’t work, and what we need to change for the pavilion. Without the mockup, I think the build later would be a disaster. We have been pushing to finish this … Continue reading

From the Computer Mouse to the Paintbrush

Two and a half weeks later, we’ve more or less finished the set of construction drawings. I’m as big a fan of Revit as anyone – but going from using it at my internship for four hours in the morning to using it for six hours in the afternoon – that is a lot of … Continue reading