Over the weekend, Ailed, Yage and I had mock-up one of the five benches on the north side of our pavilion. We did the bottom portion of the bench and the bench composed by the two 2×6 supports, fourteen 2×4 seating slats with 1/2″ spacing. The mock-up was very helpful, we had people sitting on it to test its durability, comfort, and the spacing between slats. We also saw the appearance of the 2×4 and we all agree to change them to 1×4, half of the current size so it doesn’t look too thick. This mock-up would also help us to design the small mock-up with the concrete piers. We had made couple adjustment according on what we saw and how we feel with this bench mock-up.Β  It was a fun processing for me, seeing a design from computer to a solid object in reality.



Yesterday we had gone over the construction drawing documents, red line the details, and finalize the design of the small mock-up, materials count and budget with Pastre. Then we can send the most accurate drawing to the people to get approved to start to build our pavilion on the site as soon as possible.





I can’t wait to start building the small mock-up and the pavilion on the site. Happy Halloween!!

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