Over the weekend, Ailed, Yage and I had mock-up one of the five benches on the north side of our pavilion. We did the bottom portion of the bench and the bench composed by the two 2x6 supports, fourteen 2x4 seating slats with 1/2" spacing. The mock-up was very helpful, we had people sitting on [...]

Pythagoras, my hero

This weekend was a long one. We're nearly done with our CDs and about ready to start the mockup. On Saturday, Katie, Perry, and I went to the site to take out a portion of the community garden fence and mark out the extents of our concrete slab. Armed with 3 tape measures and a [...]

Letting the design sink in

The studio is continuing to progress and push the Medway Pavilion CD set toward completion and each group of students is working diligently to finish their part of the design. Lillian, Michelle and I have been working on the sink for the past few days and after talking to Dave I believe that the design [...]

Details, details & more details

The beauty of community build is that it gives students a very close experience to the design and construction process. Currently, we are on the phase where the design is modified based on the construction details and cohesiveness of specific connections. Today we realized that based on the function of the storage, it would be [...]

Diving into Revit

This week, we are putting the project into Revit. As you can see in the above image, it is very much a work in progress. Now that the column/pier grid is set, we can keep moving forward on the 3D modeling. So far the process has been fairly simple, as we have just been modeling [...]

27 Iterations Later…

Over the weekend we moved forward with our delegated tasks to finalize the design, but it is a process that cannot be rushed … we are also 12 perfectionists with 12 different opinions... Although we have all been assigned different tasks, we are all cross-pollinating and working through problems together, as is true with a [...]

Getting There

This week is a very important week. We have to finish our Construction Drawings and Mock-Up by the end of the week. We still have a significant to-do list, but we have delegated responsibilities and are making good progress. There are still a few details and areas that we are flushing out, but at least [...]

Meeting John Moore

On Wednesday, after a nice fall break, we got the chance to finally meet face-to-face with the man who will end up stamping our construction documents. John Moore in accordance with Dave will be the ones going to jail if our structure fails and does bodily harm to the Medway volunteers and visitors - so [...]


I will share some of the photos when we presented. We talked more about the details and complement somethings we have not thought about yet. For example, Leslie talked about that when people are washing the dirt of the root crops, it needs to be in the shade to protect the vegetable, and also provide [...]

Final Design Review / Fall Break

Last Friday we presented our final pavilion design to the Parks Conservancy. Overall, it seemed to be a very positive day, and we had a really productive conversation.  There are a few tweaks to be made to ensure that the sink and harvested vegetables will remain in shade 100% of the time, but other than [...]