Working Well Together

Our studio is beginning to wrap up the four group design concepts!  I am proud of all twelve of us for remaining incredibly imaginative and optimistic as designs gradually become a little more grounded in reality.  Many problems have been thought through and possible solutions brought to the table.  It has been a productive and [...]

Developing the 4!

The process continues with the studio, now combined together in 4 groups. Each group is trying to hit different ideas so that we can present a variety of schemes for our clients, the Parks Conservancy. The four ideas are centered around exploring the roof structure, exploring the idea of play, thinking from the bigger picture to [...]

Values and Form

Lynn described in the previous post about breaking down after individual designs into teams of three students into a group, and today I was reminded of the struggle of sharing and blending both values/goals and individual forms.  I'm working along with Juhee and Yage , and we've been coined as the "BIG small," team.  'BIG [...]

Small Group Discussion

During the class meeting on Friday, we have discussed the common ideas between all the projects and the main theme for each four groups. All of us had talked about the things we liked or the things might work on each individual project. After the meeting, we have separated into small groups and talked about what [...]

Picking up the pace

After our presentation on Wednesday, we were organized into four groups of three members in order to combine and refine our concepts and come up with four designs for the next review (September 29). Each group has its own specific design focus: Roofs, Entry sequence, Site/Big and small, and Playful/"Sexy" (not my choice of word). [...]


Small buildings have always had a particular appeal. Micro works of architecture inspire an enduring charm that exceeds their function, even if that function is to be a pleasing decoration in the landscape. There are a variety of reasons for our infatuation with little forms. The miniaturization of architecture reduces it to a human scale [...]

Individual Design Presentation

Yesterday was a big turning point for our studio as we presented our individual designs to Dave and to nine members of the Charleston Parks Conservancy. The day was especially busy for myself because I was tasked with putting together everyone's work into a clearly formatted and easy to navigate presentation. The presentation went well [...]

Steps towards progress

As the individual work phase is coming to an end, strenuous work is ever-present. Tomorrow, we will be presenting our individual ideas showcasing a wide variety of formal approaches for the site and future structure. Last night was a mix of site plans, sections, views, and to make it even more interesting, a little of [...]

Individual Design Concept Development

Over the weekend I created a model (pictured above) to help myself understand the mass, scale, and space of the design I am developing. It is a single bar with evenly spaced structural bays, anchored at both ends by monolithic, orthogonal storage buildings. The structural bays are what you see modeled in wood. These are [...]

Flying Solo

Now that things are back to normal after the hurricane, we have been working individually on developing schemes for a master plan of Medway Park as well as ideas for some sort of structure that we’ll eventually build at the end of the semester. The structure includes a shading element and/or storage for the community [...]