Floor Track System for Moving Walls

We have dedicated a lot of time to figuring how how we could guide these walls along the floor successfully.  We thought about different materials like plastic, metal and wood.  We had ideas about flanged wheels that could ride in a groove of some sort.  There was also the idea that we could cut a [...]

Some Specification

The next phase of the project has begun. After a week off, Studio V is back and ready to tackle the varying design solutions for the Redux’s new home at 1056 King Street. We are taking this week to finalize some dimensions, create some mockups, and lay out our plan for the coming weeks. Some [...]

The fun is just beginning

We are about 95% finished with the design portion of our studio now it's time for the BUILD portion. We have about four week before the grand opening gala for REDUX. The first things we have to do this week is finalize the plans and start to Delagate the materials in the each specific portion [...]

Pre-Build Discussion

Our last meeting with the redux crew seemed to yield the results we were looking for. Even before the presentation, the critique group seemed really impressed by the mock up gallery space. I think this was a sign of our investment and a great tool when discussing spacial considerations. This meeting had one of our [...]

Preparing for Review

Today we are working on having prices, materials, and construction details ready for review with Redux and the contractors that are currently working in the space. This past week has been used to figure out the construction details and exactly how the pieces will fit together. Some of the problems we worked out were a track [...]

Nuts & Bolts

For the past week and half, our studio has come together to finalize some of the project proposals for Redux. We have worked on simplifying the receptionist desk, both its location as well as intended functionality. The proposal thus far has been to place it almost in the center of the front of the building, [...]


As of this week i have been putting in some time working on sketchup.  Sketchup is a great way to get ideas quickly brought to life. On my computer i have a full file of the redux building which was imported for the Revit file given to us by redux. In this file i have [...]